private label

At ELKA, we develop and produce special solutions in close collaboration with customers. Our experience and know-how ensure that we can provide our customers with the right counseling about design, construction, choice of materials and production, which means that you as a customer are able to relax and feel safe when choosing ELKA as a partner.


Our knowledge of production and materials is crucial when we enter into a collaboration on special production, but for many of our customers it is also of great importance that we have a flexible and reliable delivery set-up. We produce at our own factory in Lithuania, and we have a good network in China, where our suppliers have been partners for 20+ years.

We solve many different types of special tasks, such as covers for bicycle trailers, covers for protecting electronics on agricultural machinery, covers for outdoor hanging fire extinguishers, covers for kayaks and covers for robots, we also create fashion lines – all with the common sign of ensuring waterproof protection.


At Elka Rainwear, we pride ourselves on being the premier destination for private label rainwear solutions. With a rich legacy in the industry, our company has become synonymous with expertise, a seamless creative process, and reliable, flexible deliveries.


The collaboration between Elka and Winther has spanned several decades. This creative partnership has involved the specialized development of weather-resistant canopies for their popular cargo bikes.


The collaboration between the fashion brand Woodbird and Elka has been an ongoing process since 2022. In this partnership, Elka has assisted in developing fashionable rainwear.

For several decades, ELKA has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge cleaning garments tailored specifically for ISS cleaning.
Collaborating closely with ISS, ELKA has consistently prioritized the functional aspect of the design, ensuring that the clothing meets the unique demands of the cleaning environment. This commitment to functionality underscores ELKA's dedication to providing innovative solutions for the challenges posed by the cleaning tasks.


The creative process

Collaboration is at the heart of our creative process. We understand that each client has a distinct vision for their brand, and we are committed to bringing those visions to life. Elka Rainwear's collaborative approach involves close communication with our clients, allowing us to understand their brand identity, target audience, and aesthetic preferences. Our skilled designers work hand-in-hand with clients to develop private label rainwear collections that not only meet but exceed expectations.


Our goal is to make ordering Private Label products a quick, easy, and secure experience. We have been providing Private Label collections to customers in Denmark and worldwide every year. Reach out to us the contact form below or by calling us at +45 97 14 24 22, and we will facilitate the process for you.