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Welcome to ELKA Cleaning – waterproof workwear, developed with a focus on strength, comfort and functionality. Here, you are dressed to perform your work tasks in a wet working environment in the best possible way.

ELKA Cleaning is based on more than 60 years of experience with wind- and waterproof workwear for professionals. Over the years, in close collaboration with leading European cleaning companies, we have developed a wide range, which includes the market’s strongest PU/Polyamide products, Glass & Fork-approved products, PVC products and thermal clothing.

We emphasize that our waterproof workwear meets industryspecific needs and standards. This means that you can safely dress for the tasks in the food industry, e.g. cleaning of production facilities for meat, fish and vegetables. 

At ELKA Rainwear, we work purposefully to create high quality products with the longest possible life span – and that is what you get with ELKA Cleaning. 

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Protective & comfortable  – the best waterproof clothing for cleaning 

  • check The market’s strongest
  • check High water column pressure of 20,000 mm
  • check High quality
  • check Wide range
  • check Made in Europe
  • check European certifications

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Made in Europe – this is one of the hallmarks of ELKA Cleaning. We produce at our own factory in Europe, and we do it with strong European partners on fabric and trim – this means for customers that we guarantee a high, consistent quality, fast conversion and competitive delivery time.

We are also experts in special production and offer both adjustments of existing models, possibly logo printing and individual total solutions. Draw on our know-how and let us help you find the perfect solution.

It is paramount for ELKA to ensure that the quality of our garments always are first-class. We have therefore developed a digital software platform as a framework for our quality assurance and here inspections of raw materials, production and packaging are recorded. All inspections are performed to military AQL standard. We can follow the individual inspection online while it is being carried out, and this means that we can quickly react to possible challenges – and thus ensure quality in each individual production.


Waterproof workwear approved for food contact.

  • check Glass & Fork
  • check The market’s strongest
  • check High water column pressure
  • check High quality
  • check Made in Europe
  • check European certifications

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ELKA Cleaning’s thermal clothing is warm and ideal in environments with variable temperature changes and in cold stores. The clothes are lightweight and comfortable to wear and offer good freedom of movement.

The thermal products are available as a 200 g/m² or 280 g/m² quality.

The thermal products are adapted to the food industry in several ways. 

  • check The three layers of fabric is welded together using ultrasound instead of sewing the fabrics together, and this provides far less breeding ground for bacteria. 
  • check We have deliberately placed a pocket on the inside of many jackets and vests to minimize the risk of things falling from the pocket or getting stuck.
  • check The white thermal products can be washed at 95° C., and for that reason we especially recommend these for industrial use. 

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280 g/m² PVC for cleaning.

  • check High water column pressure
  • check Made in Europe
  • check European certifications

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ELKA has many products that are suitable for cleaning - here you can get an overview of them. 

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