securetech multinorm



In line with growing demands from the industrial markets, ELKA has developed a series of high quality and certified work rainwear for optimum safety in the most exposed work areas. The products are available in the flexible and durable PU/ polyester material which combines a high tear strength with a natural elasticity and comfort. Furthermore, the SecureTech Multinorm collection includes products made in Oxford polyester for a 100% wind-, waterproof and breathable fabric.

The products live up to a series of EN standards, all of which place high demands on the design and performance of the protective clothing. All ELKA products are certified at EU approved test institutes.


Functional rainwear requirements are increasing every day. Freedom of movement must be absolutely right and
waterproof clothing should not be an obstacle. This part of the Securetech Mutinorm collection is made from 100% windproof, waterproof and breathable Oxford Polyester for optimal comfort and freedom of movement. The 
Oxford polyester is laminated with the ELKA Tech Membrane, a high-end thin PU membrane which has very high waterproof abilities and breathabilty. The collection also contains certified zip-in jackets.



The PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 contains 3 categories of labor protection that are essential to know before choosing PPE.

  • Category I - low risk of injury (eg EN 343 - protection against rain)
  • Category II - risk of injury (eg EN ISO 20471 – high visibility)
  • Category III - high risk of injury (eg IEC 61482-2 - electric arc formation)

Category 1 products do not require a type-approval certificate. For type 2, type-approval certificate and declaration of conformity must be made, while all category 3 products apply as part of a larger annual quality assurance (module D) of the PPE Regulation, where certificates and products are checked by the notified body which has issued the original certificate, to ensure that the products meet the strict requirements of the certifications at all times.


The Securetech Mutinorm collection also features antiflame and antistatic thick 200g PU/ Polyester products, which are windproof, waterproof and stretchable, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement while working.

The products are durable, lightweight and flexible, ranging from solid colored products to high visibility and with other relevant EN standards, required when working in exposed workspaces.


We develop the strongest, waterproof workwear on the market and quality assurance is key in our everyday  work. We test the tear-resistance and functionality of our fabric. The most effective way to do this is through the  relationship with our ambassadors. Our ambassadors field-test the products in an authentic environment during the development phase, ensuring that the products live up to industry expectations. 

To increase our quality assurance in production facilities spread across several continents, we have developed a digital software platform. It is built around the military AQL standard and allows us to follow the individual productions worldwide confidently and carry out control of raw materials, production and shipping.


Single format and ONE way of doing Quality Control same tool and format across all suppliers and production lines.


Customize checklists - Provide better guidance during inspection as we can automatically assign different checklists to different product types.


Inspection types - We make inline, final and warehouse inspection.


Real-time inspections - All inspectors make inspections and reporting real-time.


Keep track of all changes - Keep communication with the production, more fluent.


Visual reporting - Capture defects and other quality findings with high-resolution pictures and soon video.


Statistics and analytics - Build best practice to ensure continuous improvement without processing reports manually or only relying on stomach feeling or memory – it all happens automatically.



We develop the strongest waterproof workwear on the market and quality assurance is a key feature in our everyday work. The design team at ELKA has throughout the design, development and testing phase of the products had a close collaboration with a test panel of professional craftsmen. It is through their experiences and input into the products, that we have ensured that our products have an optimal fit, with a design that meets the demands of everyday work and the strict certification requirements. ELKA performs tests on the protective clothing after 25x wash. 

We test the tear-resistance and functionality of our fabric at test institutes as well as through field-tests in an authentic environment during the development phase, ensuring that the products live up to industry expectations. To increase our quality assurance in production facilities spread across several continents, we have developed a digital software platform. It is built around the military AQL standard and allows us to follow the individual productions worldwide confidently and carry out control of raw materials, production and shipping.