Thermal shirt

ART. 345



  • 3-layer combination of wool, acrylic/polyamide and  and cotton


Material46% cotton, 32% polyacryl, 14% wool, 8% polyamid
Composition46% cotton, 32% polyacryl, 14% wool, 8% polyamid
IndustryFacility Management, Agriculture, Industrial Fishing, Construction, Transport
Product SeriesMade in Europe
Product TypeJacket




In northern Europe there is a strong tradition for using thermal clothing, as this material feels breathable and is highly flexible when it comes to rapid temperature changes. Our range includes several color combinations and products can be used across industries for both indoor and outdoor use. The insulating material consists of 3 layers which are welded together with ultrasound. In continuation of our Cleaning collection, the white thermal products are especially suitable for industrial use because the clothes is washable at 90° C.

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